WP1. Project Management

  • D1.2  Data Management Plan.
  • D1.4 Midterm report.
  • D1.5 Updated Data Management Plan.
  • D1.7 Final report.

WP2. Ad-hoc storage system

  • D2.1 Definition of requirements for ad-hoc storage systems.
  • D2.2 Design of the ad-hoc storage systems.
  • D2.3 Short-lived ad-hoc storage system.
  • D2.4 Resilience for ad-hoc storage systems.

WP3. Malleability management

  • D3.3 Scheduling algorithms and policies.
  • D3.5 Slurm malleability plugin available.

WP4. Storage scheduler

  • D4.1 I/O Scheduler requirements and API.
  • D4.2 Software to support I/O scheduling policies.
  • D4.3 Final report on the I/O Scheduler.

WP5. Sensing and profiling

  • D5.1 Definitions of the profiling and monitoring requirements.
  • D5.2 Design of the monitoring and profiling tool.
  • D5.3 Report on the implementation of application I/O profiling.
  • D5.4 Monitoring solution at Exascale.
  • D5.5 Extra-P extended with I/O modelling capabilities.

WP6. Intelligent controller

  • D6.1 Report on the intelligent controller requirements.
  • D6.2 Report on the intelligent controller design.
  • D6.3 Runtime tools to tune I/O system behaviour.
  • D6.4 Coordination language for intelligent I/O systems.
  • D6.5 Distributed and multi-criteria I/O management system.

WP7. Validation through applications

  • D7.1 Applications requirement definition.
  • D7.2 Applications porting report.
  • D7.3 Validation of project outcomes through applications.

WP8. Dissemination and exploitation

  • D8.2 Dissemination, communication, exploitation, and standardisation plan.
  • D8.3 Midterm report on dissemination, communication, exploitation, and standardisation.
  • D8.4 Final report on dissemination, communication, exploitation, and standardisation results.